The Best Dive Sites In Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago made up of 17,000 islands. That’s 17,000 islands that are surrounded by coral reefs, deep trenches and an incredible diversity of aquatic life. This country is simply one of the best places in the world to come to for a diving holiday, so book your flight and accommodation on Expedia and get good deals to enjoy this diving paradise. Given that it takes almost six hours to fly from one side of the country to the other it’s difficult to know just where to start. So here’s a list of the top three diving sites in Indonesia by someone who lives in the country.

The Komodo Island
To be honest I think the islands should be more famous for its underwater habitat than the monitor lizards, which are named after it. This place offers arguably the best diving in Indonesia. Even if you’re only snorkelling you can see so much. There is everything here from sea turtles to giant Mantarays. If you want a real treat you can hire a boat for a five day cruise, which will take you all the way to Lombok.

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat comes in a very close second to the Komodo Islands. However the high price of getting here and the expensive cost of staying here pushes it down the ranks. In terms of what you are likely to encounter when you dive here it is impossible to choose between the two. Raja Amapat has the most pristine and untouched waters in Indonesia. The mutli colored coral reefs are a sight to behold.

Located just off of the Northern coast of Sulawesi, Bunaken is a little island surrounded by an underwater wonderland. With a coral shelf that drops down into the depths of the dark blue ocean this place has a bit of everything to suit all abilities. For the advanced divers there’s a chance to see Hammerhead Sharks, while the beginners will definitely enjoy the site of the turtles that swim close to the shores.