The Best Ice Hotels in the World

Imagine sleeping under the roof of a hotel that has to be built afresh every year, where no two persons experience will ever be the same. This is the concept behind some of the worlds most unique and Northerly of hotels. So why not try out some of the only carbon negative hotels in the world this winter in one of these five amazing ice hotels. 

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The Jukkasjarvi Hotel in Sweden is the original Snow Hotel. For the last twenty years artists, sculptors and designers have been rebuilding this hotel every year from blocks of fresh water river ice. The added bonus of staying at this hotel is you get a gat view of the Northern Lights.

Hotel De Glace, Quebec, Canada

Literally translated as Hotel of Ice, or Ice Hotel. The designers who built this Hotel make up for in originality what the branding team who came up with the name clearly lacked. The hotel has 36 uniquely designed guest rooms spread out over a 32,000 square feet complex.

Snow Hotel, Finland

Part of the worlds only snow village, the Snow Hotel in Finland has to be seen to be believed; with eight ide suites, saunas and an ice disco, this hotel has all the facilities that you could possibly need for a weekend of luxury.

Romanian Ice Hotel, Romania

Accessible by cable car and located in the Fagaras mountains is this 14-bedroom Transylvanian Ice Hotel. The place is perfect for couples that like their privacy or simply want to get away from the worries of the world. The resort also offers a great range of activities, such as ice sculpting and ice-skating. 

Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway

Lots of thought has gone into the design of every room of this sumptuous hotel. Each room is individually themed, from the unique ice sculptures to the lighting. For a truly memorable experience follow a night in the hotel with a day out sledding with the huskies!