The best Indian Credit Cards

Shopping for credit cards is a difficult job purely because there are so many companies offering different credit card services. Luckily there are many websites designed to COMPARE CREDIT CARDS for you, so you have the option to go to a website, type in exactly what you need and be provided with a list of the most suitable cards based on your requirements.

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There are a few rules to follow when shopping for a new credit card:

  1. Check what credit card you require and for what purpose
  2. Know about the annual percentage rate (APR) as companies offer different APR for cash advantages, purchases and balance transfer
  3. Check out how long the grace period is, longer period gives more time for repayments
  4. Additional fees – find out if there are late fees, annual fees and over limit fees
  5. Check credit limits and rewards to make the most out of your credit card


American Express offer extremely competitive rates with their American Express India Platinum Card being the standout option.


With the Amex platinum card you receive 1 membership rewards point for every 40 Rupees spent. You can also receive up to 4 supplementary cards at no extra cost. But the rewards do not stop here.


If travel is of particular interest, you can receive membership travel services, where your entire trip is handled for you, whether it be a business trip or a personal holiday to Athens. Your Amex card can give you access to frequent flyer programs aboard major airlines including Malaysia Airlines, British Airways and Qantas to name a few. Also included is complimentary membership to the highest tier of priority pass giving you access to a network of 600 VIP lounges in over 100 countries.


If you want to use your reward points for shopping then you can take advantage of your Amex India Platinum card by shopping at over 150 platinum partners and earning 10 times membership rewards points for every 40 rupees charged to your card. Additionally you do not have to worry about your rewards points expiring because any points gathered are for life.


To top it all off whether or not you have a simple query or are in an emergency, you can rest assured as you can call the Platinum Card Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your card related issues.