Celebrated on March 17th in honor of a patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick day is probably the most celebrated saint’s day in the world. Not only celebrated in Ireland the tradition has spread to countries like New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, USA and Great Britain among others. If you want to experience the real deal on this day, Ireland is the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day.

Characterized by church services, processions and parades and wearing of green, St. Patrick’s is a public holiday in the republic of Ireland. Did u know that the original St. Patrick’s color was blue but was later overtaken by green which is popular up to date.

The celebrations actually begin on the eve of the holiday with plenty of traditional Irish dancing accompanied by folk songs. Also noticeable are Irish plays at historical theatres. Taking a tour to see the history and traditions of the country would be the best way to start your St .Patrick’s day celebrations. On the material day, throughout the country, parades and festivals are held with the biggest parade being in Dublin with over 500,000 people participating. Other towns and villages also have their own parades and there are performances by local musicians .Festivals can go on for as long as a week with Irish performing and visual arts are held in different regions.

The colors green, white and orange together with a shamrock and the republic of Ireland’s flag are symbols of the day. It is believed that St. Patrick used a shamrock with three leaves to explain the holy trinity of father son and spirit. Did you know there is a myth that St. Patrick banished snakes from Ireland and that is why there are no snakes in the country up to now.

Many businesses including banks and post offices are closed on this day. Stores and pubs are usually open but they open later and close them earlier than normal. It is not uncommon to see traffic disruptions due to the parades. If however this day falls on a Sunday, then Monday the 18th will be a public holiday.

Don’t forget to look out for the music, fireworks, exhibitions, street theatres and even treasure hunts. Both big and small celebrations happen on this day in Ireland. Those looking for a countryside ambience can decide to join in on the St. Patrick’s Day walk around the county down. There is also the captivating carnival in Belfast highlighted with flights of fancy and a fiesta of colors.