The Best Way to Visit the Antarctic

There is no place in the world that compares to the white wilderness of the Antarctic. Faced with towering mountain ranges and enormous ice shelves, your life is put into perspective. For many these will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Antarctica one of the ultimate travel destinations, yet it is also one of the most isolated. This is the only continent on the globe that humans never managed to colonize, even today you will find only semi permanent structures; isolated scientific research stations where staff rotate in and out on six-month contracts.

As a result of its very isolation the animals that reside here show no fear of humans. The most you might expect from a seal is a disinterested yawn, before it flops lazily back onto the ground. There are no memories of inter species violence here, but that doesn’t mean you should start petting the penguins.

Unfortunately the human world is encroaching on this continent in other ways. Global warming is melting the ice shelves at an alarming rate. Every year the temperature rises just that little bit, not enough to definitively prove global warming to the sceptics, but enough to alter the balance of the environment.

So how can you get there? One of the best ways to explore Antarctica as a tourist is on a cruise. Starting from around £3,000 these four to five days tours can be quite expensive, but for that money you’ll get to see a place that few people have ever ventured to.