The Great Outdoors: The best Natural spas in Europe.

We all love to indulge ourselves in a bit of ‘me time’ and one of the biggest treats we can reward ourselves with is a trip to the spa. While England boasts many top quality locations to suit every budget, most places are in-door retreats.

If you want to get the same benefits from a spa break but with the added relaxation of natural beauty and tranquil landscapes then try out one of the great outdoor spaces around Europe where you can go au natural.

blue lagoon Iceland

Mar Menor – Murcia

Mar Menor in the Murcia region of Spain boasts some serene spots where the fine mud is loaded with minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium to name but a few and it is therefore said to contain some marvellous medicinal properties.

What’s more, the salt water lake of Mar Menor has high salinity levels and so has earned the nickname of ‘Sea of Health’.

The best part of visiting Murcia is that access to all this is free. Visitors are able to wander the coast, bath in the lake and take advantage of the skin enhancing mud that naturally exists around the landscape without incurring excess charges. That certainly beats shelling out for over-priced indoor Spa’s at home.

As a popular tourist destination, travelling to Murcia is not budget busting either as many of the low cost airlines such as have regular flights.


Blue Lagoon – Iceland

This geothermal spa is an amazing place to enjoy a unique relaxation experience. No matter what time of year you visit, this outdoor lagoon on the volcanic landscape of Iceland is always warm, even when the surrounding rocks are covered in snow. The mineral rich waters here are great for your skin and contain high levels of silica and sulphur, which it is believed is helpful for treating conditions such as psoriasis. While unlike Murcia this man-made spa comes with an admission fee, it is definitely worth a visit. The plush surroundings offer a high end experience and the amazing open-air lagoon surrounded by stunning scenery is like nothing else on earth.


Santorini – Greece

Once again, it is the volcanic regions that are responsible for creating the great conditions for the natural spa’s to be found scattered across the Greek archipelagos around Santorini. Heated by the volcano, these waters are rich in iron, manganese and sulphur and as well as boasting desirable benefits for your skin, bathing here can also be useful in the treatment of arthritic conditions.