The Thrills of Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe brings mountain-bikers from all over the world looking for a challenging trail and a some great scenery. From the cross-country terrain to the downhill riding, mountain biking remains one of the top Lake Tahoe attractions that keeps people coming back time after time. But these trails are not just for the experts. There are biking trails in Tahoe for every skill set, and fortunately for everyone, almost any trail you choose will have a great view of some kind. Most people coming to Tahoe specifically for the mountain biking will probably bring all their own gear, but but there’s tons of shops with gear and equipment rentals that can easily set up anyone for a safe ride at their level. Here are a few trails to keep in mind on your mountain biking excursion to Lake Tahoe!


For the Beginners
Northstar Mountain Bike Park is the way to go when you decide you want a nice day our exploring with some beautiful scenery and maybe with the whole family. Northstar offers classes for mountain bikers yet to earn their wheels, and yoga and running classes for the members of the family who have no intention of biking at all. There are over 100 miles of trails to get out and explore once you’re ready to go, and they also offer rentals if you didn’t bring your own equipment. Check out their trail reports before you head out though, because many on of the trails are only for hikers.

Intermediate Rides
The Bench is one of the mountain biking trails in Lake Tahoe that riders who’ve been at it for a while, or the beginners that are ready for a new challenge, can more than likely handle. -The Bench is one of the highest trails in Lake Tahoe, but you won’t experience lots of changes in the elevation as you go along the way. This trail is filled with bikers, hikers and horseback riders looking for a great view once they get to the top, and along the way. While this may sound like a piece of cake, there are a few tricky parts that might really test your skills and make you a better rider!

Corral Loop is probably the most popular trail in South Lake Tahoe. While most beginner riders will find it pretty intimidating, the intermediate and advanced mountain bikers really enjoy the trail. There’s more than one route to the Corral Loop, so the fun doesn’t have to stop when you reach the end! Get back on your bike and try something new, or save the next challenge for your next trip. The beginning of the trail starts at 7,000 feet, and as you start your climb the trail gets more technical as you pass rock gardens, adjoining trails and experience changes of up to 600 feet on some of the routes the Corral Loop features.

For the Experts
Flume Trail is one of the most well known mountain biking trails in all of Lake Tahoe and it offers a lot of challenges to the advanced and expert riders who came for just that. This is an extremely rewarding trail and every biker leaves with experience and satisfaction! As you go along, the trail narrows and becomes more demanding, so save your strength and beware the summer sands that can come along!

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride sounds like a lot of fun, and for the technical riders who love a good challenge, it is a lot of fun. These advanced trails test riders with a 5 mile and 3200 foot verticall battle with just as many downhill runs. Get ready for rocks, stairs and switchbacks through this wild ride. This trail is popular because it’s one of the only flowing single tracks in Lake Tahoe, but most of all, this has become a favorite trail that combines panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, meadows, forests and waters in one thrilling ride. All in all, the trails about 20 miles long with a total 3300 foot climb and and 3100 foot descent that takes most about 5 hours.

These are just a few of the trails to check out around Lake Tahoe, but it’s easy to find more once you get out and ready to ride!

This article was written by Lizz Riggs, editor of