There’s so much more To Singapore

Singapore is a fastidiously organised and meticulously maintained city-state, making it an incredible destination for tourists. From internationally-renowned Singapore hotels to the city’s exotic plants, animals and culinary indulgences, the city offers all sorts ofentertainment and hospitality to holidaymakers who venture there.

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So, for a truly unique Singapore holiday, consider indulging in some of the city’s more exotic experiences.

Eat dinner in the world’s largest observation wheel

Known as the Singapore Flyer, this observation wheel sits 42 storeys up and most closely resembles some variety of intergalactic spaceship.

Many visitors to the Flyer float above the city in one of its sealed capsules to take in stunning views of the city centre and harbour below. What is even more spectacular is to see these views at night, and while eating a four course gourmet meal. The city comes alive after the sun goes down with the lights of the towering skyscrapers and busy expressways creating a surreal backdrop for a very tasty (if somewhat pricey) meal.

Indulge in some Southeast Asian spa treatments

Singapore boasts some of Asia’s most indulgent and incredible spas. Spa Botanica on Sentosa Island is the perfect place for a Singapore splurge. The spa offers treats for all the senses; there are picturesque waterfalls to swim under, exotic birdsongs which fill the air and the heavenly aroma of a tropical flower garden which floats into every inch of the spa.

Offering everything from therapeutic mud treatments to lavender-oiled deep-tissue massages, guests are treated to the very best in an idyllic and inspiring setting that is guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate in equal measure.

Witness the spectacle of 10,000 orchids

The Singapore Botanical Gardens are a sight to behold. Sprawling over 74-hectares and boasting landscapes of tropical forest, parkland and manicured gardens, these Botanical Gardens are home to an unbelievable collection of plants.

Arguably the pièce de résistance is the National Orchid Garden which houses over 1,000 different varieties of orchid and more than 2,000 hybrids. Stroll through orchid lined pathways, the mist house, the cool house and the VIP areas to witness the botanical collection in its entirety.

Sample scorpion and other exotic treats

The city has no shortage of incredible places to eat, but a trip to a local Hawker centre is sure to yield some memorable adventures for the stomach and the eyes. Essentially a collection of inexpensive and authentic food stalls, Hawker centres are the perfect place to do as the locals do, and eat as they eat.

Sample everything from Laksa to spiced crab to barbecued stingray and wine-soaked scorpion; the ingredients found in Hawker centre offerings are ideal for adventurous eaters. Deep fried ants also make for a crunchy if not completely delicious snack.

Singapore holidays offer experiences that range from the truly indulgent to the wildly exotic. The city is a modern metropolis that can cater to all varieties of tourists with the style and substance the city-state has become known for.