Things to Do When Visiting Australia’s Gold Coast

Tourists flock to Australia because there are so many things to do in the land down under. Flights to the Gold Coast are cheap and abundant. Once they arrive, tourists have to prioritize so that they can make the most of their time. What began as a beachside town with a single hotel is now Australia’s most popular destination for tourists from all over the world. There really is something for everyone as this list of activities suggests.

Gold Coast Australia
Theme Parks
There are four famous theme parks on the Gold Coast, which are referred to as the Big Four. Wet’n’Wild, Movie World, Sea World and Dreamworld attract the vast majority of theme park lovers with their water slides, roller coasters, water shows and “dive-in” movies. There are also wildlife sanctuaries, outback attractions and even a park where you can hunt for exotic fruits.

Since the Gold Coast is teeming with canals and rivers, you can take a boat cruise to get a unique vantage point of these attractions. There are dinner cruises, reality cruises, sailing cruises, snorkeling cruises, whale watching cruises and even dolphin-feeding cruises. There’s also a cruise that explores Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It features morning tea and a terrific overview of the area.

Surfing and Scuba Diving
If you enjoy scuba diving, Moreton Bay offers wildlife, coral reefs and shipwrecks for you to explore. Beneath the waves is a vast kaleidoscope of colorful fish, dolphins and dugongs. If you’re the type to ride the waves rather than swim beneath them, the Gold Coast is known as Surfer’s Paradise. The waves are consistently fabulous for heroes, hodads and gremmies.

Even if you usually spend more time fishing than catching, your luck is likely to change on the Gold Coast. You can fish the continental shelf or any of the rivers, lakes, creeks and estuaries off the coast. If you like to spearfish, you’ll fill your creel quickly with lunkers.

The Gold Cast has many world-class golf courses for you to enjoy. In fact, there are more golf courses per person than anywhere in the world. You can find the right course for you and your budget from the dozens offered.

The Gold Coast has a calendar packed with yearly events, including surfing competitions, marathons, V8 supercar racing and horse racing.

Live Music and Nightclubs
If you like local talent, check out the Cooly Hotel or the Soundlounge to see some of Australia’s most popular bands. If dancing the night away is your idea of fun, you’ll find numerous discos with hot DJs.
Even if you start your visit to Australia in Melbourne or Brisbane, you can always take one of the cheap flights for a quick escape to the Gold Coast. Whether you spend a weekend or a week there, you’ll never forget the experience.