Top 5 Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is a massive country with such a variety of things to see and do. From serene beaches to fascinating cultural experiences to fantastic food and lively people, you’ll be amazed, entertained and suntanned on your trip to Mexico! All inclusive vacations to Mexico can be a great way to enjoy the country while having all your needs taken care of! Make sure to to check out these 5 places on your holiday:


It’s a classic resort town made famous in the ‘50’s when millionaires and Hollywood stars made it their vacation getaway. Today, it’s a popular tourist destination with tons of stuff to do for everyone from couples on holiday to spring breakers. Here, you can’t miss watching the cliff jumpers made impressive and breathtaking leaps into the ocean!



This is an amazing destination for anyone interested in snorkeling or scuba diving. It’s located off the Yucatan Peninusla where the underwater life is simply stunning. The area is a National Marine Park so the delicate balance of coral reefs and exquisite marine life is closely protected. You can take a snorkeling or scuba diving tour here to explore some of the most incredible areas of the coral reefs.


For anyone interested in really exploring ancient culture and ruins, Palenque is your spot. It’s an archaeological site that was on the western edge of the Mayan empire, and now in the state of Chiapas. While it’s smaller than other Mayan neighbor cities, Palenque has some of the finest architecture and sculptures the Mayans ever created, making this an extremely unique place to visit on your trip to Mexico.


This beautiful colonial city is nestled in between mountains and is absolutely picturesque to behold. It was founded in 1554 next to one of the richest silver mining areas in all of Mexico, and the boom led to some of the most beautiful and fine colonial buildings in the country. You can spend hours exploring the colorful winding streets and alleyways, because most of the traffic is directed underground making this a great city for walking.

Los Cabos

The white sandy beaches, gorgeous resorts and abundance of outdoor activities in Cabo make it one of the highlights of a Mexico holiday. Enjoy any kind of restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment options along the strip and during the day you can take part in any number of great water sports.