Top places to retire around the world

Retirement may mean no longer having to set that alarm for work, but it doesn’t mean a halt to everything in life. Have you considered where you might like to retire to? It could be anywhere in the world? There are lots of destinations that make retirement even more attractive. The cost of medical treatments is often lower as is the cost of labor and home care. Here are five top retirement destinations to consider.

Costa Rica:

For over 30 years US citizens have been flocking to Costa Rica and with good reason. A low crime rate, stable political climate plus the benefits of year round sun make it an obvious choice. Labor and rent is cheap and if you earn over a certain amount of income then you may be entitled to residency status. Costa Rica has a great public transport network and is easy to navigate. Find yourself a home away from the main beaches and tourist attractions and living costs become much lower.


The cost of living may be a bithigher in Europe than in Latin America, but it also offers an endless array of cultural and historical attractions. Many Brits choose to retire in Spain and enjoy the pleasant year round temperatures. Property buying is fraught with litigious issues and many expats recommend renting, as it is much cheaper and generally a simpler option. Another glorious island is Malta with over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and a rich heritage. Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Italy, Malta enjoys an array of dramatic and breathtaking scenery. There are new rules for those who are considering retiring here, and may even result in you being eligible for tax breaks if you reside for a certain amount of time, or invest in Maltese businesses.

Home is where the heart is:

If the thought of being far away from loved ones is too much to handle, then why not stay in the good old USA? The sunshine states of Florida and California are great places to retire but if you consider going inland, why not go inland? The cost of your retirement home will be considerably cheaper.

Consider an option such as Naperville, Illinois, a truly beautiful community that has received several awards for its luscious parks and well maintained roads. Senior care communities, such as Monarch Landing offer facilities that are modern and spacious, with units that are secure and spacious; they can be especially appealing to women retirees.