Top Spots for Winter Sun


Winter in the Serengetti
Winter in the Serengeti


Even though it is half way around the world for most, the land down under is a sunny paradise for anyone trying to beat the winter blues. Test the waters along the Great Barrier Reef and check the plains for signs of kanagaroos and other marsupials, because this is their domain! Enjoy the beach and the marine life, but don’t forget that the inland areas of this exquisite country are just as notable as the sando shores.



The vacation of my dreams. Boasting private coves and white sand beached, you are sure to fall captive to this truly stunning archipeligo of Indonesia.  The very zen atmospere is sure to take your breath away. The smaller resorts tend to be calmer and more seculded,  but the ClubMed Resort here is one of a kind!



It’s difficult to say what you should expect in Dubai, because there anything can happen. You can ski indoors during the summer and winter. You can stay at the world’s only seven star hotel, the Burj al Arab. You can walk the sandy beaches of a manmade island. You truly should expect the unexpected. This Middle Eastern hotspot (emphasis on the hot) is a dream vacation during those long winter months, it is no surpise it is frequented by the world’s most lavish of tourists!



For 24/7 partiers, Rio is the place for you. The beaches are exquise, the dancing is hot and the Brazilian women are even hotter. February’s Mardi Gras carnival is a global phenomenon, but it is said that the number one place in the world to celebrate, is in Rio De Janiero. So grab your craziest costume (the more feathers the better) and get dancing on the streets of Rio! Make sure to stop at the Copa, Copacabana!



Is there really anything more electrifying than sleeping in a safari tent while, the grasslands largest predators lurk just feet away? Or riding shotgun in a safari jeep as a heard of zebras gallop on the other side of your window? Going on safari is the quintessential adventure holiday, and the cooler winter months are the optimum time for seeing the animals. If you have a chance, try hiking Mt. Kilamanjaro for an amazing panoramic view of the Serengeti.