Travel greener, travel responsibly

Green travel is one way that people who care about the environment can help to reduce their carbon footprint. This can be achieved by having vacations without spending a fortune, but which help the environment at the same time. Things to consider, when listing how to travel green ideas, should encompass both travelling and being environmentally conscious at your chosen destination.

green travel

Leave the car behind if possible – even if you only have a short distance to travel. If you do have to travel by car, try and do so in a vehicle that is as kind as possible to the environment. Public transport, such as a coach, bus or train, should normally be the preferred option.

A vacation closer to home will be cheaper than travelling halfway around the world, and will be more beneficial to the environment. One of the biggest impacts on the environment, in terms of travel, involves jet aircraft. So if you’re based in Istanbul for example. you could check out Great Hotel Deals in Dalaman, it’s not so far.¬†Though this is often the most convenient way of reaching a destination it’s also the most damaging to the environment. There can be a dilemma here, though, because discovering wonderful parts of the world can encourage us to be more protective of it, but we may need an environmentally unfriendly method to get there in the first place.

When you are on vacation you can adhere to a green philosophy even when in your hotel room. You can make sure that you take shorter showers, and that you don’t have sheets and towels washed every day when they don’t need to be.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, using a bicycle, or walking, to get around can not only give you a chance to take in more of your surroundings, but it will also be beneficial to the environment. Also rely on photographic memories as opposed to taking taking souvenirs from natural environments. If you do buy souvenirs, ensure that they are created by local people and that they aren’t created from rare natural resources. When eating out, try and select local restaurants that use local food. Because the food will have less of a distance to travel you will be helping both the environment and the local economy.