Using Storage Effectively

If you’re running a business and need some flexible, short notice space to store some of your inventory, going to a storage company is a great solution. You have all the security of warehouse storage, without needing to lock yourself into a long contract, and able to change to different sized facilities at short notice to fit your changing needs throughout the year.

Similarly, if you’re moving house, cleaning or downsizing, using a storage facility to hold your personal items is a helpful solution: it gets things out of your house, giving you space in a stressful time, whether that’s moving day or the renovation of your spare room into a study.

Whatever your reason for using storage, you need to make sure you’re doing it effectively to get the best out of it, otherwise you could find yourself wasting money you’d be better off spending elsewhere.

The Right Company

Your first job is to find the right storage company. Make sure that the one you’re using is the one that best fits your needs: don’t just go to the one you’ve seen the most adverts for. Call round, check websites and do your research: if you need storage for your business find one that specialises and offers special rates to business customers.

Similarly, your needs dictate the ideal location for storage: if it’s for your business and you need to access it every day, you can’t afford to drive for an hour to reach it: the gain in efficiency is more than worth a higher price tag for a facility you can reach easily. If you’re looking for storage London has plenty to offer. Click here for details.

The Right Price

Make sure you get quotes from multiple different companies to make sure you are paying a fair price. If you go with the first company you speak with, you’ll never know if you’re getting a great deal or ripped off. You should aim for at least three as the minimum to be sure you know what a reasonable price is, but the more quotes you have the better. You can even use them to bargain down an excessively high price from a company you otherwise would love to use!

Packing Effectively

When you’re filling your storage unit you to make sure you’re packing it in the best possible way, to get the most use out of the space and make it easy to access.

Use vertical space: most storage bays are tall, so creating stable stacks gets you more storage per pound spent!

Leave an aisle: don’t just pack from back to front. Leave an aisle to access throughout your storage unit in case you need something from the back in a hurry.

Prioritise: while it’s a good rule of thumb to keep bulky items at the back and bigger ones at the front, modify this to make sure items you’ll need often or soon are kept at the front for ease of use.