Venice in the Winter

Venice is one of Northern Italy’s great gems. A city of more than a hundred islands and few streets, the place is famous for the romanticised Gondolas that plough its thoroughfares much as the yellow cabs in New York.

 For hundreds of years the power and wealth of Venice promoted jealousy and envy in the courts of Europe. A city of copious opulence, grand palaces and beautiful merchant houses, Venice built its wealth on trade, supplying goods to Europe from the fabled Orient.

The city, which made its wealth by taxing traders, is no longer one of the great trading hubs of the world. It has been superseded by city-states like Singapore and the special Chinese Territory of Hong Kong. These days the Venice survives on the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come through the city each year to appreciate the amazing architecture and Italian culture.

Built on marshland, the climate of the city can be quite inhospitable. If you are planning on travelling here, avoid the summer months when the number of mosquitoes balloon and the beating rays of the hot sun make the canals smell more than they ought. This makes the city a perfect place for a winter break.