Visit a Vanishing World

It’s not only the Dodo that became extinct, earlier this year it was lonesome George from the Galapagos who vanished. Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of species on the verge of extinction due to hunting or changing land use. So here’s a list of the the places where species in peril really need support in places you should think of visiting.

Javanese Rhino

There are only 35 of these creatures in the wild, that means there are probably more people living in your street. Imagine if that was going to be the basis for the entire human population. Luckily for the rhino they’re not in danger of being poached or killed by encroaching humans. 

Asiatic Cheetah

Once the noble pets of kings these swift of foot beasts are now on the verge of extinction. Driven from their former hunting grounds in India, there are now only about one hundred of these creatures left in the wild highlands of Iran.

Hawaiian Monk Seal

There is no way a creature with such a cool name and which comes from arguably the most developed country in the world should ever be aloud to vanish from this planet. Unfortunately this might just become a reality. On the plus side there are almost 1,100 of these creatures in the wild and you would get to visit Hawaii.

Mountain Gorilla

Bad times for the noble gorilla. Based between Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC these mountain gorillas live in one of the least hospitable human environments in the world. A rumbling border conflict fuelled by Rwanda has made this area politically unstable and full of weapons. It is such a shame when the preservation of this species is an economic no brainer, guarantted to attract tourists for generations. Uganda understands this, so it’s the best place to go if you want to see them.

California Condor

Coming from a state in the US which brings us so much of the Internet comes the California Condor. It’s not much of a looker, which unfortunately means that you’re just not going to get as many people donating to projects for their conservation.