Walking and Whiskey in Scotland

The highlands and lochs of Scotland hold a special beauty. The rugged terrain and breath-taking landscapes make it the ideal place for a walking holiday. For a geologist you just have to go a few feet below the ground to know that the rolling hills of heather are rooted in peat, which through man’s ingenuity creates another beautiful thing, prime single malt whiskey. Here are some of the best places in Scotland where all you lovers of liquors and all things green can have a great weekend away.


Dolphins, golden eagles, red deer, the loch ness monster. Ok, maybe not the loch ness monster, but you can see some amazing wildlife on the small island of Islay off of Scotland’s Eastern coast. Islay also has some amazing distilleries that offer you everything from light whiskies to the more peaty flavors.


Visit one of Scotland’s most famous castles (Sitrling). Follow it up with a trip to the countries oldest national park (Loch Lomond) and then onto one of its most famous whiskey distilleries (Glengoyne). Sounds great to me, now where do I sign up.

It would be a crime to come to Scotland without visiting Loch Ness. Although it’s doubtful that anyone without a vivid imagination will see the creature nestling in its deep waters. Go on a day trip here and you could also go and see the Glen Ord Whiskey distillery in a village known as beautiful place. How perfect is that.
Giving you the only malt whiskey trail in the world. The small town of Speyside hosts two annual whiskey festivals in May and September and also has seven distilleries. So why don’t you sample some of the local produce in the heart of whiskey country.