A passport is a very important document that will enable you to enter and exit various countries that you plan to travel to. Before you leave for your trip, always make sure that have made photocopies of your passport and when in another country you can use a photocopy unless it is mandatory to always have the original with you. What then happens when you lose your passport? Here are a few tips to help make the experience less painful.


search through you possession and even ask for help if you are in a group just to make sure that it really lost before you report it. Trace back your steps and go back or call places where you last used it. Once reported, a passport can be made invalid for travel and that is why it is important to report as a last resort.

Report loss

The first step to take regardless of your location is to report to the authorities. It is not only a mandatory procedure in most countries but you may also be able to get another document to use in place of the passport until you can replace it. It will also be easy to trace it in case someone else tries to use it. Most embassies will not issue a new passport without a police reports so don’t forget this important step.

At this point you can also notify your bank just in case someone else tries to access your account using the passport.

Visit your consulate or embassy:

it is a good a idea to notify them about the loss of your passport. Some countries may allow you to get an emergency passport. Also notify them if you have no money because you cannot access it. Go prepared with some of payment for the replacement passport. Personal checks are not usually acceptable but you can use your credit card a traveler’s check or money order.


You will find assistance at the embassy on how to apply for another passport. You might need a birth certificate and other forms of identification to apply so always make sure you have copies of these when you travel. If you don’t have them with you, you can always call home and have them mailed to you.

Replacement passports are usually only temporary and so the first step when you get back home will be to apply for a permanent one. If you have happen to find your lost passport, send it to the embassy or consulate  or destroy it since they are already invalidated and cannot be used for travel.