Where Can You Enjoy Europe’s Most Relaxing Holiday?

According to recent surveys, holidaymakers in their fifties and over are travelling further afield for their holidays than ever before – but they are still looking for one main thing when they get there: relaxation. So where’s the best place in Europe to find it?


The Top Contenders

There are a number of candidates for the title of “Europe’s most relaxing holiday destination”. The Greek islands, Tuscany, the Black Forest and, for those that don’t mind cooler climes, the Scottish Highlands, are all strong contenders. However, the one country that visitors seeking relaxation return to again and again is the small archipelago located less than 200 miles north of Tunisia in the deep blue Mediterranean: Malta.


An Island of Dreams

As well as offering visitors the warmest water in Europe and an enviable subtropical climate, with around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, Malta offers tourists: a spectacular coastline; rugged countryside; a rich cultural history; high standards of accommodation; fantastic restaurants; and a great choice of hotels and apartments that provide guests with everything they need for a relaxing break.


A Fascinating History 

Visitors can explore Malta’s treasure trove of historical monuments, many of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, alongside the capital city, Valetta. The islands only cover around 122 square miles in total, but few other destinations pack as many historical and cultural attractions into such a small space. Malta’s prehistoric temples, catacombs, churches, forts and museums are all easily accessible and provide visitors with a leisurely introduction to Malta’s varied past: from around 3500BC, through to rule under the Romans, the Knights of St John of Jerusalem,  the French and the British, until Malta gained independence and became the republic it is today.


A Rich Culture

Malta’s varied heritage and appreciation for the arts mean that lovers of fine art, theatre and music will find plenty to enjoy during their stay. An impressive Rococo building is home to the National Museum of Fine Arts, while Valetta’s theatre, the opera houses on Gozo and the islands’ numerous open-air venues provide visitors with exceptional, laid-back, evening entertainment.


Unrivalled Scenery

Of course, for those who love nothing more than a gentle amble along a spectacular coast, or reclining into a comfortable sun lounger on a beautiful beach – or taking in secluded rocky shores or golden sands, unspoiled countryside or mediaeval and Renaissance architecture – Malta holidays have it all.


Quality Accommodation 

Visitors to Malta get superb value for money, with a great selection of hotels and apartments, many of which offer easy access to the beach, 24-hour receptions, indoor and outdoor pools, great food and welcoming bars for that sunset drink. And if spa resorts are your idea of heaven, you will spoilt for choice.


If you’re looking for a relaxing break at any time of year, the year-round sunshine and delights of Malta make it the perfect place to unwind.