Why I love Tunisia

I can still remember the first time I visited Tunisia with my family, my lasting memory of walking through the market and being offered 50 camels for my sister. I of course agreed instantly but it unfortunately never came through, my parents just weren’t willing to seal the deal with the friendly man running his stall in the bazar. I think the man who made the offer was trying to fool me as well, I was always going to lose! Maybe it was because the logistics of shipping the 50 camels home was just too much and we were supposed to be on a relaxing holiday, to this day I still remind them that we could have been rich and had the largest camel farm in the UK – they don’t seem to agree with me! Tunisia holidays are absolutely amazing, my family and I had the best group holiday that we have ever had together. The place was so, so welcoming! My parents even packed me off in a taxi at 14 years old, by myself, back to the airport which was ninety minutes away. Now I don’t know if they were trying to lose me but I suspect it was because the people we met in Tunisia were so friendly and caring that they knew I would arrive home safely for my important county rugby match.

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I could wax lyrical about Tunisia for hours and hours, instead of making this an article you have to break up into sections because I ramble on for too long I will tell you about the three things I loved most on my holiday.

The Weather

The weather was absolutely boiling each and every day of our holiday. It was just what we needed seeing as we lived on the south east coast of the UK. We escaped the wet and dreary weather and instead spent a week lounging in glorious sunshine. I don’t think my dad left the sun lounger except to eat and sleep, that’s how relaxing and good the weather was!

The Beaches

We were staying in a resort that had a fabulous beach, we spent most of the days swimming and enjoying all of the water sports. In just a week I had been snorkelling, kayaking, on a banana boat and jet skiing! As a kid I couldn’t really have asked for much more than that!

The People

I am sure you can tell from my introduction that I thought the world of the Tunisian people I met. The taxi driver who took me to the airport by myself spoke absolutely no English but for 90 minutes we spoke about football. Turns out that his favourite team was Manchester United and his favourite player ever was George Best. I agreed with the George Best selection but let him know, through international sign language, that he should reconsider his choice of team.


I love every second in Tunisia, if you haven’t been yet why not? Head there as soon as you possibly can, you will not regret it!