Why You Should Go to Costa Rica

One of the happiest countries in the world that also has beautiful cloud rainforests and exotic beaches. If you hadn’t already guessed it I’m talking about Costa Rica, the Switzerland of Latin America. Located in Central America, Costa Rica is pretty small. The countries population is not that large either numbering only 4.5 million. Still when you have a small country and a small population you can achieve some really impressive feats.

Costa Rica hopes to be carbon neutral by 2021, which would make for a very happy 200th birthday celebration. Almost a quarter of Costa Rica is made up of a system of national parks that ensures the preservation of this country unique and enthralling fauna and flora.

This focus on conservation and preservation has made it a land of opportunity for ecotourism. The government is really got behind this early. The National Tourism Board actually ranks all of the hotels and tour operators in the country according to how green they actually are. Not only does this save you a lot of laborious searching to find out if a hotels green credentials actually stand up to scrutiny it also pushes individual companies and hotels to improve their standards so they are more competitive. This green capitalism is great for the environmentally conscious tourist and should be wholeheartedly supported, which it is. Tourism is really booming for the country. It’s great to see positive policies receive such widespread support and appreciation.

The country is also a great place to do some adventure travel. There is some really great white water rafting that you can do in the country along with some pretty awesome biking trails. There is also the chance to do walks through the jungle canopy, which is an experience that really shouldn’t be missed. So if you’re thinking of a Latin adventure for next year have a look at Costa Rica. I promise it will go beyond your expectations.