Working on Organic Farms

The summer is almost over, but there’s still some sunshine to catch in the fields of Europe. So if you’re looking for an active holiday that will satisfy your hunger for fresh food and healthy exercise, try your green fingers on an organic farm. Here’s my top five that will put you up for free.

 1: Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is renowned for it’s beautiful landscapes, delicious food and fine wine. Working on an organic farm in Northern Italy and you’ll be guaranteed to experience all three. Spend your days tending green vineyards and olive groves with the late summer sunshine warming your back.

2. Serbia

There’s far more to Serbia than its turbulent recent history. A stint on an organic farm is an ideal way to experience the friendliness that its people are famed for. For those with a bit more time you can also visit some of the countries beautiful National Parks and castles.

3. Algarve, Portugal

What better place to enjoy the last of the summer rays than the Algarve. With a clear view across the Pacific to the Americas there’s more to this place than just the farmland. For the more adventurous consider getting out onto a surfboard and enjoy some of the finest waves in Europe.

4: Shetlands, Scotland

You can’t get much more remote than Papa Stour on the Northern tip of Scotland. There are a total of ten people living on the island. With so few people there is plenty of time to enjoy the rustic tranquillity and abounding nature of this little island. The area is also famed for its tasty strawberries.

5. Eastern Poland

Ever wanted to be a Polish cowboy? A working holiday in the Carpathian Mountains of Poland might be just the thing for you. This is an opportunity that you would normally have to pay to experience, but for a few lucky volunteers each year all they want is some hard work and determination. Whether it’s helping with the building or bringing in the horses, there is plenty to keep you occupied.