Cites That Bring The Heat and The Fun

Some cities are really fun, they just don’t always stay warm. A city like Berlin, for instance, is filled with culture, entertainment and never sleeps. It does, however, get very cold in the winter, and that can put a damper on things. Typically when we think of fun, lively and exciting entertainment cities we think of the ones in warm, hot and even tropical destinations.


These are places we can enjoy the city with all our senses without having to worry about whether to bring a sweater or not.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of them all. Las Vegas with it’s mega-casinos, hotels and live entertainment, the city has it all. What is so great about Vegas is that you could visit 50 times and still never see all the entertainment they have. It’s brimming with live performances from singers, magicians, and dancers and parties. Being that Las Vegas is smack dab in the middle of a desert, one of the best ways to enjoy the atmosphere is at a Vegas pool party. Often they boast some of the world top DJ’s. What better way to enjoy the heat and the city?




Thailand’s capital isn’t for the faint of heart. This megacity is non-stop. Famous for its neon-lit tuk tuk’s and it’s delicious and cheap street food this city has something new to discover each and every time you visit. The city never drops much below 25 degrees Celsius and is usually sitting high on the humidex. This has lead to the popularity of rooftop pool parties at many of the cities hotels. If you happen to find yourself in Bangkok on a Saturday be sure to attend one of these exciting parties.



Sydney is the place to be in the southern hemisphere. This sunny town is packed with beaches, bars, and the locals know how to have a good time. Although Sydney can get as low as 15 degrees in the winter it’s still warm enough to enough all there is to do in this great city.




Florida’s beach capital is the life of the party. The sun and the entertainment are always shining in Miami. The latino vibes from its Cuban neighbours make it a unique place to spend time and absorb the music and culture that is specific only to Miami. The city has a big club scene and also one of America’s largest LGBT communities.