In today’s global climate, how does anyone go on holiday and not feel guilty about the effect that their holiday is having on the environment? The commuting, bus tours, taxi rides, shuttle here and shuttle there. Going on holiday shouldn’t be stressful or guilt inducing, so one way I enjoyed every moment on my Turkish holiday and still kept my carbon footprint minimal was going to Ka? (“Cash”) in Turkey that offered all the attractions I wanted, accommodation, food, adventure and sight-seeing so I chose Green World Holidays.

Besides the flights to Dalaman (I use Thomas Cook for their dedication to responsible and sustainable tourism), I stayed in a small town, and most of the attractions were in the water so that left no footprint at all, just lots and lots of splashing.

Kayaking the Waters

I wasn’t a big paddler before I came on this tour. I guess I didn’t really give it enough thought but since I’ve gotten back, I’ve taken up canoeing on my local lagoon because this trip was so inspirational. The freedom of the waters, going to the surrounding islands and snorkelling around the Sunken City on Kekovo Island. The guides were incredibly accommodating (especially since I’m a newbie) when it came to me manoeuvring and staying afloat (upright).


This was a little difficult, mainly because I haven’t climbed much recently so moving along the limestone proved a challenge. But once I was in the caves and little coves, it made that hard work worthwhile. Most people don’t get to see the hidden side to the coast that you could experience. But don’t worry if upper body strength is more of a ‘nice idea’ rather than a reality, because the azure waters surrounding the caves are incredible and you can also chill on the deck of the support boat and maybe grab a snack.

Mountain Biking Around

Luckily I am a cyclist, so biking was absolutely enjoyable and I could eat anything along the way fairly guilt-free. We explored some of the dirt roads, small villages and trails in the region, stopping to buy little things (It was me, all me, I made them stop so I could by a gorgeous scarf) and we visited a family who invites travellers into their home to eat a traditional and authentic Turkish meal with strong coffee.

Free Days

I loved Ka? because it wasn’t “tourist-filled” or over populated by Croc-wearers. (I know they’re green but they are fugly) and it made sun-bathing so much more relaxing because we didn’t have to worry about over-crowding or gawkers. Also, the restaurants and little shops were within walking distance meaning we didn’t have to drive anywhere really. With our free time, we mostly jet skied and enjoyed a tipple or two.

Definitely check them out because they offer a lot more adventure and activities than what I was able to experience in my short stay. Like they promise, it truly is a balanced trip because we got free time to do whatever we wanted be it relax, swim or walk around the town. We climbed our way to caves and kayaked down ravines. Biked the canyons and swam in the warm azure waters before sunset suppers on soft sandy beaches.